Working on the iPad edition

Today I’ve seen the first chapter of Magpies on an iPad, as Ale was working on the app.
He’s doing an amazing job and I really can’t wait to share it! I still need to work on some of the extra content that is going to be added to the final thing, but we really start to feel like we can see the finish line.

Step one will soon be done, and then we’ll start planning the printed version: I ordered a copy on blurb because I need to make sure it still works with the binding and everything can be read properly, but at more than 100 dollars for a single copy, print on demand is totally not an option.

In the meanwhile Nicola and Sara at Pholpo have finished the booktrailer, which is insanely beautiful and I’m dying to make it public, and Barbara Fiorio -a dear friend on top of being a published author with more than 10 years experience is dealing with press and publicity- is helping me figure out how to present the project once it’s ready. Apparently, just putting it out there and then pretending it never happened isn’t an option. Go figure.

This started as a one-man-band kind of thing, but the truth is I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people who are turning it into something I can really be proud of.

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