We’re Printing!

On friday we started the printing process and I spent the day at Tipografia Sartore‘s watching the printers work their magic and making little videos (that I’ll publish once the whole process is completed).

I’m insanely in love with the paper we are using, the Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum. It’s anĀ uncoated paper with 55% pure environmentally friendly FSC pulp, 40% post-consumer FSC fibre, and 5% cotton fibre. It just feels amazing under fingertips, and being slightly creamy rather than extra-white, it complements the artwork beautifully.

I’m so happy to be working with them: getting to see how much care they put into their work is something priceless. Right now all the printed sheets are resting, to make sure the paint is completely dried before we print all the backs, on monday. Then the covers will be printed, with a coating of protective finish, to make sure they’ll get to people without scratches.

Then next week they’ll be moved to the Book Binder. We have already bought boxes and shipping materials and signed a contract with a shipping company.
I’ll be back from Dubai on March 10th and from that day on I’ll be signing copies, packing them and shipping them, with the help of a couple of people.

I’m so excited, and frankly terrified. I hope people will love these as much as I do.


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