The Rad Referral Race!

Hey there!
We’re about 1/7 of the way and 1/6 of the time (yeah, I’m the kind of person who thinks in fractions) and while post producing a gazillion of pictures for a lookbook I’m working on, I thought of something.

I really think it’s amazingly cool that you people are being an active part of this campaign and I don’t think a simple thank you is enough.
Indiegogo apparently has a cool little thing that keeps track of referrals and lets me know when someone visits my Indiegogo page clicking on your link. And it also tells me if your friends contribute. It is explained in detail here.

The next step was, of course, setting up a Rad Referral Race!!!! (I’m also the kind of person who loves alliterations. No wonder I have no friends…)
This is how it works:

1. Make sure you are logged into Indiegogo.

2. Grab the code Indiegogo generates and use it whenever you want to link to Magpies: it’s right under the video! If you need to shorten it, you can use bitly, tinyurl, or your favorite url-shortening service.

3. Share! Share! Share! It can be a link on facebook, a tweet, a little review on your blog, a piece of paper passed under the table during math class to that guy you fancy. I’d say avoid scratching it with a key on your ex’s car, because I’m not sure you’ll get much referrals from that. Be creative, be bold, be awesome! (This, BTW, is my only advice on how to live your life as well)

(In this simulation she takes revenge by changing the link to her own Indiegogo referral link and winning. Way to go, sister!)

4. Each time a person clicks on your link and contributes to this campaign, we’re one step closer to turning Magpies into a real physical book and you, on the other hand, are a one step closer to winning the mother of all perks

If this campaign gets funded, the top person on the referral list will get:

• 3 printed copies of Magpies
• a Magpies t-shirt and a Magpies bandana
• a signed poster
• a whole page of original figurines
• The original mask used in the graphic novel (you can pick between Mr Tippletoe and the female character)
• A thank you skype call from yours truly
The BFF treatment: each week, for a whole year, I will write you via snail mail. You’ll get postcards, letters, photos, polaroid pictures, drawings, stickers, silly things. You don’t need to answer back, because I’ll keep writing for 52 weeks anyway, sending all my love your way. It’s kind of like having the harmless version of a personal stalker. It’s like being a rockstar once a week for a whole year!

here’s an example of the stuff you will receive in your mailbox

and here’s the photo of one of the masks

and here’s a frame from a video we’re shooting in which Ale demonstrates how happy people can be when they hold a copy of Magpies in their hands.

You could be this happy too.

Ready? Steady… GO!

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