The locker speech

If this was a Disney movie, we’d be in the locker room right now.
The other team might be winning, but we have more heart, us the underdogs, us the unlikely, and there’s still enough time to change things around.
In my head, this is how today sounds like:

But how do we make it happen? Haven’t we done everything we could already?
It feels like it, doesn’t it?
So maybe it’s time to do things we thought we couldn’t do!

Because there is only so much we can do as individuals, but crowdfunding isn’t about individuals: it’s about showing that the whole is greater than the sums of its parts, it’s about making something big out of many little things.
Most of all, it’s about being part of a project that happens because of you: I can’t do this without your help.

So what can you do?
– if you haven’t done so already, secure your own numbered and signed copy of Magpies or maybe there’s someone you could think of who would like it as a Christmas present?
– remind people on twitter, facebook, google+, reddit, myspace (I’m not judging here) that we only have one week to make this happen. Remember to link the campaign page!
– write an e-mail to your contacts explaining why you want Magpies to happen. Don’t be pushy, don’t write a pitch: just let them know why you’d like this project to happen, in your own words. And please remember to write the addresses in the bcc space: I don’t want you to be yelled at!
– spread the word any way you can! the amazing Giorgia had the great idea to make, print and hand out flyers and she’s so cool that she’s letting us give them to you! Leave them around, bring them at your local comic book store, tape one to your car window, so people can look at it.… (ENG)… (ITA)
– think outside the box! Use Magpies as an excuse to meet new people: that girl who likes comic books you have a crush on? This is the perfect excuse to go talk to her! Throw a Magpies themed party! When a stranger asks you for the time, just answer “it’s time you go support Magpies!”.
But please don’t think so outside of the box you get yourself in trouble: I care about you.

And so does the random passerby who’s totally endorsing Magpies!

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