Thank you guys! You’re all shades of awesome!!

This last week has been so crazy! When I published Magpies I probably expected it to be read by a bunch of friends who have been following my work over the years. And my mum.
Hundreds of people have downloaded the file and some of the response I got in the mail has been completely overwhelming.
The story is so personal and intimate, that I was afraid it would only speak to me, because I was the one knowing what the heck I was talking about.

Instead ┬ásome of the e-mails I received were filled with so much sheer understanding and love and passion and I was… floored.
Some of you shared your story with me and I’m so grateful for trusting me with your memories.
Then today we launched the INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN, to raise money for the printed edition.

I was expecting to start a bit slow and hopeful that people would start spreading the word in the first couple weeks: as I’m writing we have just passed the 1000$ mark and this makes it a step closer to reality. This is insane!

This day has been filled with so much happiness, my head might actually explode.
And I want to thank you all. Even if you can’t contribute to the Indiegogo campaign and just send a single tweet or pass the pdf file to a classmate in a cd you have burned in your room, you have my absolute gratitude. If we’ll be able to fund the print edition (I sure do hope so), it’s going to be because of you. Magpies is going to be your book as much as mine.



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  1. Svava says:

    I have been waiting to see this since you showed us a glimpse on Up & Running – It was worth the wait Sara, absolutely stunning work.

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