Magpies – now with specific weight

How much space do 1000 copies of Magpies occupy? Quite a bit.
Even more when you need to stamp and sign each one of them, assemble packages, wrap them, box them and ship them. This wouldn’t have been possible without help, and thank goodness Alice and Alessandro were there to make sure I wouldn’t curl up and cry every 10 minutes.

Today the first people are receiving their copies and I’m so happy each time a new photo shows up on twitter (or facebook or google+)


One Response to “Magpies – now with specific weight”

  1. Ricevuta ieri la mia copia, il primo impatto con la copertina è stato fantastico, restituisce una stranissima sensazione tattile 🙂

    Ho deciso di leggermi un capitolo per sera nonostante la curiosità, ieri sera è toccato al primo e l’ho trovato davvero intenso, complimenti

    Buon proseguimento e buon lavoro

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