Loving the print test!

As soon as I finished Magpies, I decided to print a single copy on Blurb, as they have the exact format I wanted for the book and a very similar paper in their pro line (it’s the ProLine Uncoated Paper, in case you’re wondering. Such a beautiful paper).

I honestly just wanted it to check if the text was too big or too small, if the binding ate words, if there were things that needed to be worked on some more and if the color treatment still worked on paper. The kind of stuff you can’t check on a monitor.
I didn’t expect the feeling of finally holding it in my hands. It’s so much more than what I was hoping for!

Unfortunately, print on demand doesn’t seem to be a real option: printing that one copy cost me $95 (plus shipping and 4% tax rate) and I want to be able to sell it for 30 bucks, which I think would be a fair price for a 150+ pages long self produced graphic novel printed on really nice paper.
But we’re working on a plan, stay tuned! If that can’t happen, we’re still working on the iPad thing and a digital download option (stay tuned, we’re almost there).

If nothing explodes, mark november 1st on your calendar. The next two weeks are going to be insane 😀


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  1. Charles says:

    I really like what you have done here. Since you went through the book too fast in this video and I could not make out the end of the story either I’ ll just head over and download it. 🙂

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