It’s the small things

Some things become obvious after someone else shows them to you.
When Nicola at Pholpo suggested I should use handwritten text rather than a font I wasn’t completely sold on it, until I actually saw a spread and the comparison became so evident it almost hurt. ┬áIt was like having an home cooked meal after a month of Mc Donald’s food.
Then Sara, Nicola’s studio partner, took over and kindly pointed out that I had been spending a gazillion hours building an insanely time consuming project… only to cover my images with text boxes. I couldn’t really see how that would make any difference, until she started emailing me the work she was doing.

I’m supposed to have a degree in graphic design, for duck’s sake, how could I not see all of that?
The possibilities are basically two:

1. The more I grow old the more stupid I become
2. I’ve been working on this project so much that everything is starting to become background noise.

I’d say a mix of 1 and 2.

The good thing, though, is that I surround myself with amazing people who make everything I do so much better. It takes a village, guys. It takes a village.
And now Magpies is done. Finito.

In the meanwhile, Alessandro has started working on the iPad version and if everything goes as planned, it will be out in a little less than a month. Then we will start figuring out ways to make a print run, because I think some things are just different on paper, but I like the idea that finally Magpies will be out there for people to read. People who are not relatives or friends.
It’s scary.

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