magpies - a tale of two

Magpies – now with specific weight

How much space do 1000 copies of Magpies occupy? Quite a bit.
Even more when you need to stamp and sign each one of them, assemble packages, wrap them, box them and ship them. This wouldn’t have been possible without help, and thank goodness Alice and Alessandro were there to make sure I wouldn’t curl up and cry every 10 minutes.

Today the first people are receiving their copies and I’m so happy each time a new photo shows up on twitter (or facebook or google+)


Magpies isn’t the only thing being printed these days: not being satisfied with the amount of ink I got on myself during the lettering, I decided it would be cool to mess with it some more for the t-shirt design.

It’s going to be way better than the “I gave that italian my money and all I got was this t-shirt” design I threatened people to send. It’s never going to be reprinted, ever. If you want one, you’ll have to track down one of the people who got one during the Indiegogo campaign and steal it from them.

We’re Printing!

On friday we started the printing process and I spent the day at Tipografia Sartore‘s watching the printers work their magic and making little videos (that I’ll publish once the whole process is completed).

I’m insanely in love with the paper we are using, the Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum. It’s an uncoated paper with 55% pure environmentally friendly FSC pulp, 40% post-consumer FSC fibre, and 5% cotton fibre. It just feels amazing under fingertips, and being slightly creamy rather than extra-white, it complements the artwork beautifully.

I’m so happy to be working with them: getting to see how much care they put into their work is something priceless. Right now all the printed sheets are resting, to make sure the paint is completely dried before we print all the backs, on monday. Then the covers will be printed, with a coating of protective finish, to make sure they’ll get to people without scratches.

Then next week they’ll be moved to the Book Binder. We have already bought boxes and shipping materials and signed a contract with a shipping company.
I’ll be back from Dubai on March 10th and from that day on I’ll be signing copies, packing them and shipping them, with the help of a couple of people.

I’m so excited, and frankly terrified. I hope people will love these as much as I do.


A bunch of updates!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, mainly because my life has been quite crazy lately, trying to work full time and make sure everything on the Magpies front runs smoothly so that I’m ready to ship everything by march 15th, as promised.

If you’re italian, you probably know what I mean: making sure that suppliers are on schedule and on budget is a full time time job on top of a full time job.

As of today:

• All fine art prints for the “Art Lover Package” have been printed on 310 gsm 100% cotton Hahnemuhle paper. I really LOVE this paper. It’s a really small edition of 10, each print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of autenticity.

• Claudio, the winner of the “featured package” decided what photo to feature in chapter 6 and I’ll be forever grateful that he didn’t ask me to use a photo of his butt. I would have done it, but still.

• Everybody who had a t-shirt in his/her package should have received an e-mail from me about t-shirt sizes. Most have written back: those who have not, will get a Male-Medium (meaning a medium size for males, not “a person who will reconnect you with your lost loved ones”)

• We worked on the file, took care of some typos, probably managed to not see at least 10 more, printed a test and we’ll print the final copies on wednesday! I asked to be allowed to film part of the process and since the printer is the bestest ever, he said yes. Then it will go to the binder, who will hand bind each and every one of them. It’s a bit insane, but part of doing this was being able to work with artisans. I’m super excited!

• All the books shipping to Italy will be delivered with a booklet with a translation of the text. I don’t think I’ll be printing an italian edition any time soon, but I know several people asked for it.

• Alessandro is working of the graphics for the t-shirt and the posters. We have already contacted the suppliers and they will be ready in time.

• Everyone who got the Christmas Package is going to receive an e-mail from me, asking if you want me to ship the book to the address I have or rather to the person’s address (which you need to provide). Since shipping was included in the package, you might as well not spend more money on it (unless you’re planning to hand deliver)


Stuff we’re still working on:

• shipping logistics. I want people to receive something pretty and thoughtful rather than just a book in a big sad envelope. It will end up costing me more (so far we’re around 4000 euros between supplies and shipping), but that’s fine.

• iPad app. We put that on hold after Apple rejected it trying to convince us to put it up in the ibook store rather than in the app store. Problem is, at the moment doing so would mean (among other things) not be able to have people read single pages when holding the iPad in portrait mode and double pages when holding it in landscape mode. What’s the point of doing something for the iPad if you can’t take advantage of its features? Anyway, we kind of just put it aside until we ship the printed copies and then we’ll think about it again.


The Rad Referral Race – winner announcement

Remember the Rad Referral Race?

The results are in and Giorgia is the lucky winner! This is pretty cool, considering how much she has been doing to spread the word in the last 4 weeks (I mean, the girl printed and handed out actual flyers!)

This morning I also shipped all the Christmas Cards and USB cards, so that they’ll get to everyone in time for Christmas!

Thank you!

We ended up reaching 150% of our initial goal!
We are so happy and grateful right now! these last 4 weeks have been completely crazy, but it’s just the beginning: I can’t wait to be working on making the actual book come to life!!!





I’m still in complete shock and filled with so much gratitude I think my heart might actually explode.
We are going to print Magpies! We are SO going to print Magpies!!!

The locker speech

If this was a Disney movie, we’d be in the locker room right now.
The other team might be winning, but we have more heart, us the underdogs, us the unlikely, and there’s still enough time to change things around.
In my head, this is how today sounds like:

But how do we make it happen? Haven’t we done everything we could already?
It feels like it, doesn’t it?
So maybe it’s time to do things we thought we couldn’t do!

Because there is only so much we can do as individuals, but crowdfunding isn’t about individuals: it’s about showing that the whole is greater than the sums of its parts, it’s about making something big out of many little things.
Most of all, it’s about being part of a project that happens because of you: I can’t do this without your help.

So what can you do?
– if you haven’t done so already, secure your own numbered and signed copy of Magpies or maybe there’s someone you could think of who would like it as a Christmas present?
– remind people on twitter, facebook, google+, reddit, myspace (I’m not judging here) that we only have one week to make this happen. Remember to link the campaign page!
– write an e-mail to your contacts explaining why you want Magpies to happen. Don’t be pushy, don’t write a pitch: just let them know why you’d like this project to happen, in your own words. And please remember to write the addresses in the bcc space: I don’t want you to be yelled at!
– spread the word any way you can! the amazing Giorgia had the great idea to make, print and hand out flyers and she’s so cool that she’s letting us give them to you! Leave them around, bring them at your local comic book store, tape one to your car window, so people can look at it.… (ENG)… (ITA)
– think outside the box! Use Magpies as an excuse to meet new people: that girl who likes comic books you have a crush on? This is the perfect excuse to go talk to her! Throw a Magpies themed party! When a stranger asks you for the time, just answer “it’s time you go support Magpies!”.
But please don’t think so outside of the box you get yourself in trouble: I care about you.

And so does the random passerby who’s totally endorsing Magpies!

I have the cooties :(

A very quick update: the reason why I have been a little awol this last couple of days is that a 3-years-old kissed me and now I have the cooties. Dang it!!

No, seriously. This is how I sound.

My life is full of snot and unglamorous stuff. But as soon as I’ll feel a little better I’ll update you on a gazillion little things! In the meanwhile, don’t forget to trick your loved ones into donating to the Indiegogo page: we have a long way to go and little time if we want to make this happen!

Mom and Dad explain why I decided to crowdfund