A bunch of updates!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, mainly because my life has been quite crazy lately, trying to work full time and make sure everything on the Magpies front runs smoothly so that I’m ready to ship everything by march 15th, as promised.

If you’re italian, you probably know what I mean: making sure that suppliers are on schedule and on budget is a full time time job on top of a full time job.

As of today:

• All fine art prints for the “Art Lover Package” have been printed on 310 gsm 100% cotton Hahnemuhle paper. I really LOVE this paper. It’s a really small edition of 10, each print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of autenticity.

• Claudio, the winner of the “featured package” decided what photo to feature in chapter 6 and I’ll be forever grateful that he didn’t ask me to use a photo of his butt. I would have done it, but still.

• Everybody who had a t-shirt in his/her package should have received an e-mail from me about t-shirt sizes. Most have written back: those who have not, will get a Male-Medium (meaning a medium size for males, not “a person who will reconnect you with your lost loved ones”)

• We worked on the file, took care of some typos, probably managed to not see at least 10 more, printed a test and we’ll print the final copies on wednesday! I asked to be allowed to film part of the process and since the printer is the bestest ever, he said yes. Then it will go to the binder, who will hand bind each and every one of them. It’s a bit insane, but part of doing this was being able to work with artisans. I’m super excited!

• All the books shipping to Italy will be delivered with a booklet with a translation of the text. I don’t think I’ll be printing an italian edition any time soon, but I know several people asked for it.

• Alessandro is working of the graphics for the t-shirt and the posters. We have already contacted the suppliers and they will be ready in time.

• Everyone who got the Christmas Package is going to receive an e-mail from me, asking if you want me to ship the book to the address I have or rather to the person’s address (which you need to provide). Since shipping was included in the package, you might as well not spend more money on it (unless you’re planning to hand deliver)


Stuff we’re still working on:

• shipping logistics. I want people to receive something pretty and thoughtful rather than just a book in a big sad envelope. It will end up costing me more (so far we’re around 4000 euros between supplies and shipping), but that’s fine.

• iPad app. We put that on hold after Apple rejected it trying to convince us to put it up in the ibook store rather than in the app store. Problem is, at the moment doing so would mean (among other things) not be able to have people read single pages when holding the iPad in portrait mode and double pages when holding it in landscape mode. What’s the point of doing something for the iPad if you can’t take advantage of its features? Anyway, we kind of just put it aside until we ship the printed copies and then we’ll think about it again.


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